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Lighting Options for Your Home

Note: this is a guest post and consideration was received for its publication. Creative commons licensed photograph by Jeremy Levine design.

When you’re looking to spruce up your home, lighting is one of the easiest ways to give the space a new feel while keeping it consistent with your current theme or décor. Lighting is a relatively easy fix and most of the items can be found online in places such as LEDRopelightsandmore or in most retail stores, which means you’ll be able to simply make use of the new appliances without a lot of work.

When you’ve decided you’d like to upgrade your lighting, you’ll need to decide what kind of theme you’re looking for and what kind of space you’re dealing with so you can most effectively use the room you’ve got for the best lighting possible.

Keep in mind that you can really change the ambience of a room simply by switching out the colors of the bulbs you’re using or adding in splashes of colors through lamps or rope lights. They make light bulbs in pretty much every color imaginable ranging from soft pinks for a romantic bedroom atmosphere or bright blues for something a bit more fun and wild.

In most cases these bulbs can be used in the lamps and lighting houses you’ve already got, which means you won’t need to purchase anything else to get the benefits. Even fluorescent black lights can be placed in most traditional fluorescent housings, meaning you can save money just by buying the black light bulbs.

Rope lights are a great way add a little bit of ambient lighting to a room quite easily. The best part about using rope lights is that they’re designed in such a way that they can be easily hidden behind furniture or on the corners of a room, keeping them out of sight while still emanating quite a bit of light. These are probably the easiest lighting pieces to install as oftentimes they’ll only need a few tacks or wall hooks to be used effectively.

Chandeliers are a classic lighting prop and for good reason. They add a lot of light to any room and they have such a great look to them that they work with pretty much every theme or décor you could possibly imagine. They add a ton of class to any space and the best part is that because they’re meant to be center pieces, the light flows around the housing, meaning you can light an entire room with just one furnishing.

Contrary to popular belief chandeliers are becoming easier and easier to install and most of them can be hooked into the existing wiring that’s already in the roof.

Another very easy lighting idea that is simple to implement is simply using what you’ve already got and using it creatively. One of the best ways to control the lighting in any room is to use sheers or lamp coverings as they’ll allow the light to filter through the fabric in different consistencies depending on the thickness and color of the material. If you add this in with one of the aforementioned colored light bulbs you’ll see that your entire room will look quite different.

Lighting is probably the easiest way to upgrade or spruce up any room in the house and it’s really quite easy to implement. It doesn’t take a lot to change some of the lighting options in your room and you’ll see a huge difference that will be sure to keep you happy.