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Greene & Greene's Gamble House - in Lego!


Grant Scholbrock lives in Portland, Oregon, and - if these photographs are any measure - is one of the greatest Lego architects of our time. His focus includes architecturally significant and unique skyscrapers in the United States, landmarks across the world (check his photostream for a terrific White House and Taj Mahal), as well as important Arts & Crafts homes.

After his earlier (and beautiful) Robie House model, Grant decided to build a tableaux of the Greene brothers' Gamble House in Pasadena. After Three months worth of work and at least 500 blocks - which included a trip to Los Angeles to visit the real thing (Grant took numerous photographs of various details to supplement the images he found online; this was his sixth trip to visit the building), the piece is finally finished. He's had several requests for various Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, and hopes to someday complete a model of the Blacker House, especially if he's able to visit it during the 2010 Pasadena Heritage Weekend.

See more photographs of this project - and many others - in Grant's Flickr stream. And, if you're so inclined, Grant and I would both like to know what you'd like his next project to be - do you have any favorite buildings that would lend themselves to this kind of model-making?