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out-of-context remodels

It's so sad to see something like this - a very cute, sharp looking bungalow (on the outside), with a horribly anti-Craftsman bath and kitchen inside, which totally ruins the entire Arts & Crafts feeling of the entire place. Why spend all that money on a kitchen that is exactly the opposite of the style of the house? Successful remodels are always in the context of the house as a whole, and don't try to rebel against it.

William Livingstone House, aka "Slumpy"

William Livingstone House

Pictured: demolished in 2007, the often-photographed William Livingstone House - a good example of Detroit's (and especially Brush Park's) long, slow, and ongoing architectural apocalypse. Incidentally, the house was the first commission by eventually very well known architect Albert Kahn. Photograph above is uncredited and was passed on to us by Fipi Lele; if you can tell us who shot it, please do in the comments below.