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neighborhood renovations in Pasadena's Bungalow Heaven

IMG_4938 Reader Sarah Hilbert writes to tell us about how, earlier today, residents of Pasadena's beautiful Bungalow Heaven Landmark District to celebrate the new, enhanced versions of the neighborhood's signature street signs:

The streets of Pasadena's Bungalow Heaven Landmark District just got a little brighter: The neighborhood is installing brand new street signs both to proclaim its new designation on the National Register of Historic Places and to honor its 20th anniversary as Pasadena's first Landmark District.

A group of neighbors gathered on March 31 to watch the first sign get hung and to make a celebratory toast to many more years of being historic and furthering old homes' preservation. Several media outlets were also present to cover the event.

The signs are enhanced versions of those that have hung for nearly 20 years, which have faded significantly in the sunlight. Toni Devereaux, the designer of the original signs, was asked to lend her expertise once again in crafting a brighter version. Now crafted from computer-cut vinyl and featuring a dark brown bungalow in the center, the new signs will be longer lasting and stay more visible over time. All signs will be installed by April 26, when the 20th Anniversary Bungalow Heaven Home Tour takes place.