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Globe library card catalog refinishing assistance needed

Web2137 Knowing our extreme interest in old library card catalogs - specifically those made by Globe, the acknowledged masters of this particular furniture item - reader Gerry Comninos writes us the following from South Africa; photographs of his unit are available in our woodwork set over at Flickr:

I am busy restoring one of The Globe company’s earlier pieces of library furniture.

I have recently acquired a Globe card index file which is about 100 years old. It has a patent notice - the patent was filed by a certain gentleman with the very flamboyant name of Royal Lee Vilas in 1897.

There are library cards in the drawers indicating a date of 1908. The index cards can be “locked” by turning the knobs on the drawer front.

I intend to restore the cabinet to its former glory. As you can see the desk top is missing and the roller top has been broken. Other than that the cabinet is in perfect working order. All the drawers slide perfectly as do the card lock mechanisms even after years in our rather harsh climate!

I have searched the web for a similar piece for reference purposes but to no avail.

 I am trying to collect information regarding this cabinet and I wonder if it is at all possible to obtain (or if you could tell me where to get) the following information.

    1. Any image of the complete cabinet and the missing top so that I may replicate it faithfully.
    2. Do you perhaps have a copy of the original brochures or catalogues of this cabinet?

Does anyone have advice for Mr. Comninos? If so, please post it in the comments here!