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case study: this old barn, Rejuvenation-style

Toh_house From the website of our sponsor, Rejuvenation Hardware - from their customer stories section:

When Amy and Pete Favat set out to build their dream house - a prefab version of a timberframe barn - old world tradition joined hands with modern day technology. Their story was originally chronicled in This Old House.

Designed and built in New Hampshire, their home's modular panels were trucked to Weston, Mass., for on-site assembly - which went much quicker than a customary from-the-ground-up barn raising.

Simple Fixtures with the Right Fit

With a marriage of rustic charm and industrial elegance, this distinctly 21st century house (and its owners) demanded well-crafted lights that "had the right vibe." And that's where we came in.

Now, a pair of Rivertons flank the front door, a good fit amid the sturdy beams and weathered wood. And a series of Jeffersons look lovely hung in multiples above a stone pathway. Says Amy, "We felt these fixtures fit in well with the overall style of our home, and we love the warm glow they give the house at night; it's cozy and inviting."

Tradition Goes Out on a Limb

Now that Amy and Pete's new home is finished, it's exceeded their expectations. "We did not want it to feel like just another house. It's not your typical home at all. It is part barn and part tree house."

For photos and the full story of the Favat's prefab timberframe home, visit This Old House.