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Ford Craftsman Studios' beautiful WPA prints

Russ Billington: new prints & watercolors

8823b1d9_2 Our friend, artist Russ Billington, dropped us a line to note that some of his recent work can now be seen on the Saatchi Gallery website. Russ, a pen-and-ink Craftsman who draws his originals on 100% cotton Arches paper and paints with watercolors, sells his made-to-order originals through Ford Craftsman Studios (more on them later this week) and sells framed 5 x 7 prints through Fair Oak Workshops.

Russ' organic forms and flowing lines are a treat for anyone interested in the graphic art of the Arts & Crafts movement, and his precision and fine lettering are a testament to his past as a currency & certificate designer. It's exciting to know that at least one contemporary artist is doing this sort of work - much of what would have been right at home in an Art Deco gallery in 1920 Paris. I'm a huge fan of his and someday hope to have one of his pieces hanging in my own home.