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Ford Craftsman Studios' beautiful WPA prints

Zion_poster_framed_600_tall We mentioned this earlier, but David Ford of Ford Craftsman Studios recently wrote to show us the new, redrawn & recolored WPA posters he's now selling. They're beautiful! Framed by Dard Hunter, they're beautiful pieces of art and a perfect complement to any historic bungalow. If your local Arts & Crafts home shop doesn't carry FCS items, let them know that they should! In addition to these posters, David's firm sells some beautiful Arts & Crafts embroidery items - they just bought a new commercial embroidery machine that has a larger embroider area than any other, and has customized it to handle the heavy thread, giant needles, and oversized satin stitches that are the signature of their work. They can now produce pillows and runners up to 22 inches wide.