Kate & Jason's colorful Craftsman
stuff I like: vintage Spanish Revival mailbox, c. 1935

Craftsman kitchen addition in Seattle

Peter Whiteley's article appear in the May 2007 issue of Sunset magazine; go there to read the entire article, and to see a photo gallery of the home in question:

Add a little, gain a lot. That's the lesson Monica and David Stephenson learned when they made a small addition to the cramped galley kitchen in their Seattle home.

Somewhere along the line, the kitchen had been poorly remodeled and "had no relationship to the rest of the house or backyard," Monica recalls. It simply didn't work for the bustle of daily life with 2-year-old daughter Sophia, infant daughter Annabel, and two big Akitas.

Although the couple yearned for an updated kitchen with more space, they wanted it to fit the style of their 1918 Craftsman bungalow. Also on their list: a breakfast area with a backyard view, a home office, storage space, and a more generous back porch where muddy boots and paws could be cleaned