stuff I like: vintage Spanish Revival mailbox, c. 1935
for sale: Long Beach Bungalow, $899800 wtf?

befores and afters (mostly kitchen remodels)

I've spent the last few days collecting URLs of interesting before/after remodel photography; here are the best of those I've found. I'll have more next week...

  • Abe & Vale transform an overgrown 1902 cottage into a pretty bungalow with a good use of a small side-yard
  • the authors (and owners) of The Dirty House have a nice before-and-after of a particularly messy paint-stripping project
  • the owners of this 1921 bungalow have documented almost every change to their home; most recently, they've done a bit of radical landscaping & paint the exterior
  • at A Victorian Farmhouse Reborn, the owners have been busy stripping paint to find some beautiful wood underneath (my least favorite thing to do right after removing wallpaper)
  • more stripping at Hobart House, with some really pretty Tudor-esque ceiling beams beneath
  • lights, fence, mailbox, fencing & more are going up at the Kensington Bungalow
  • Minor Adjustments makes many, and we all know they add up to a whole; here, before and after a new tile backsplash
  • new paint & refinished wood give this living room an all new look
  • the owners of Smithers & Oso's Old House have removed some hideous vinyl flooring and refinished the beautiful wood underneath
  • a kitchen gets a light, subtle facelift
  • some very funky cabinetry gets a makeover; the new stuff, though, is a bit too trendy for me; another similar kitchen simply paints the nasty old cabinets white, and while it's still a bit funky, it's still a huge improvement
  • a little bit of color and a change in hardware make a huge difference to this restored hutch & floor
  • 1960s Ranch chic is transformed into this pretty moderne kitchen
  • again, a little too faux-McMansion for me, but it's an undeniable improvement
  • knocking down the wall in this atomic Ranch makes a big difference
  • funky formica gets a modern makeover