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decor for the Arts & Crafts garden

Old House Journal has a nice short article by Clare Martin on how to furnish or accessorize your traditional A&C garden - she covers arbors and fencing, gates, fountains, benches and more:

If there's one overarching goal that all gardens of the Arts & Crafts movement sought, it was to blend in. Proponents of Arts & Crafts garden design wanted their landscapes to connect not only with the homes they were attached to, but also with their natural surroundings. The use of native plants and wildflowers, along with uncomplicated layouts, helped achieve this ideal.

Ornamentation also had its place in the Arts & Crafts garden, albeit in very subtle form. When looking for products to embellish your own garden, simplicity should be the name of the game. Forget ornate iron benches, elaborate trellises, and fancy ornamental planters. In the Arts & Crafts garden, as in the homes from the era, clean lines and unfussy patterns reign supreme.