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world's tiniest violin playing for UK estate owners

Apparently, the descendents of the English super-rich are burdened with the maintenance costs of their rapidly-crumbling estates, and must nibble away at their fortunes - accrued, as one Metafilter commenter notes, "through centuries of feudalism, tenanting and clearances," - just to keep these structures from falling down. And the National Trust isn't well funded to cover the costs of maintaining any but the most "exceptional" properties.

It comes down to the rich looking for handouts while the thousands of historic homes owned and lived in by working people must be maintained on our own dime. "To those who have much, more will be given; to those who have little, more will be taken away" - the key to socialism for the rich, the only kind of socialism we have here in the US, and apparently something the rich require more of in the UK.