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"ultimate Craftsman" in Manhattan Beach CA: $2,425,000

A nice bit of 1997 conspicuous consumption: 4100 square feet on a 5400 sf lot, 6 bedrooms & 5 1/2 baths (including a detached guest apartment over the three car garage. Designed by Apollo Guizot (whoever that is - I've never heard of him) "after Pasadena's Gamble House." High-end kitchen, cherry built-ins, large wine cooler; Honduran Mahogany & Indonesian Teak accents, stained-glass windows, the required spa tub for two and large master closet. Unfortunately, it looks a bit thrown-together, as if it were designed by several different architects; the master bath, all white-on-white, is straight out of 1979, while some rooms have a generic character broken up only by pretty light fixtures or built-ins.

It's at 560 35th (at Blanche) in Manhattan Beach's Tree Section; next to Sand Dune Park, and unfortunately just a few blocks away from one of the Southern California's largest oil refineries (and, on a positive note, the beach).