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Stickley on Craigslist: June 2, 2008

As usual, I've tried to edit out everything that is not authentic - shame on all the folks who try to hoodwink (or simply get more traffic) by disengenously labeling anything vaguely Mission as "Stickley style" or "Stickley era."

  • single Stickley spindle-backed armchair, $250: Minneapolis MN
  • cherry Stickley etagere / open bookcase, $750: San Diego CA
  • 2002 Stickley slat-sided, shelf-armed cherry & red leather settle, $2500: San Diego CA
  • 2006 Stickley spindle-backed dark wood settee, $700: Manhattan NY
  • "Quaint Furniture" slat-back settle / bench, $9000: Chicago IL
  • Stickley A&C / Deco daybed, $700: Manhattan NY
  • two beautiful Stickley tables - the Commemorative Library Table (#89-0407) and Cocktail Table (#89-0411), $2650 for both (an excellent deal; these retail for a combined $6300): Philadelphia PA
  • Stickley single-door bookcase (#89-633R-32), $1200: Boston MA