Craig Yamamoto, woodworker
for sale: 1922 bungalow in Fairfax CA, $1,295,000

Rob Bennett, cabinetmaker or scam artist...?

Artcabinet5 Rob Bennett, a cabinetmaker living in Terre Haute, specializes in faithful recreations of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and other classic Craftsman designs - and also does a fair amount of repair and restoration of antique furniture. His firm, House of Yesteryear, has a modest site that he markets his new items through (including a few items that integrate Motawi and Van Briggle art tile); pay special attention to such details as his Victorian fretwork - it may be the kind of decoration that the A & C movement rebelled against, but it is indicative the level of detail that shines through in all of Bennett's work. Pictured is Bennett's newest project, a beautiful 10-foot long Art Nouveau dining room cabinet.

Above posted 2005; addendum as of 06.30.08:

Apparently, Mr. Bennett is either a scam artist or a very, very poor businessman; as the comments on this thread - and a half-dozen emails I've received from unhappy clients - attest, he's taken the money & run, and his website, linked above, is now down. If anyone can help get in touch with this fellow, and any guild or trade association he may be involved with, I'm sure his would-be clients would be very appreciative.