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Japanese Gardens in the US

The United States includes a number of first-rate public and private Japanese gardens, some being the cause and others the result of the immense importance that Japanese formalism has had upon American landscape and architectural design, most visibly in the Arts & Crafts Movement and more recently in certain contemporary styles.

One recent addition is the University of Illinois at Springfield's new garden; other highlights throughout this country include the very small but well-designed Japanese garden in Ashland, Oregon's Lithia Park and another, larger in scale, in Portland; San Francisco's Japanese Tea Garden and Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford IL.

Spokane, Wasington's Nishinomiya Garden is particularly photogenic. Saratoga, California is home to Hakone Gardens, the oldest Japanese estate in the Western Hemisphere - the bamboo forests at this eighteen-acre preserve are as impressive as they are enormous. The University of Arkansas' sprawling Garvan Woodland Gardens includes the Japanese-inspired Garden of the Pine Wind. San Diego's Japanese Friendship Garden's tea house is in operation most weekends, and the koi in their pond are some of the oldest in North America. The Asticou Azalea Garden, on the property of the Asticou Inn in Northeast Harbor, Maine, is particularly attractive when its New England backdrop is in the throes of Autumn's blazing reds and golds. The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach, Florida, includes not only a very pleasant garden but a museum of Japanese, Japanese-American and other related artwork, both classical and contemporary. Van Nuys, California is home to Suiho En, a Japanese water and fragrance garden, noted as one of the most authentic in the US. Also in the greater Los Angeles area, San Marino's Huntington Gardens includes a large pleasant Japanese garden as a small part of its acreage.

Canada also includes three of the most impressive Japanese gardens in North America: the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, the Nitobe Memorial Garden on the University of British Columbia campus, and the Japanese garden at Butchart Gardens in Vancouver.

creative commons-licensed photo courtesy of Flickr user Manyfires