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Arts & Crafts Tours

Elaine Ellis' firm, Arts & Crafts Tours, produces specialy-crafted tours - led by world-renowned experts in the field - of private homes, gardens, exhibitions, collections and sites important to the Arts & Crafts Movement. Currently in development are a few tours of the United States, specifically to Cranbrook and in the New York City region, to visit work by the architecture Bertram Goodhue.

Arts & Crafts Tours offers highly individualized tours to sites and countries where the best of this work still exists and where new work is being created. We look at the past to help us understand the present - and we would like to have you join us. Take a short virtual tour through our site and then we hope you’ll take a real tour.

While most of our programs are offered through museums, art, craft and architectural organizations and institutions, we are always happy to prepare an itinerary for individual travelers and we are happy to work with small groups (6 - 12 people) to plan and arrange tours specifically designed to satisfy specific interests.