Gustav Stickley exhibit opening in Cooperstown tomorrow
beautiful Illinois bungalows slated for demolition

April fools: Ikea not really absorbing Stickley-Audi

Badblogger Note: the following was a not-particularly well-thought-out April Fools' joke, and is totally untrue. I apologize to those of you who thought it was real news, and hereby retract it as requested by Stickley-Audi. I also apologize for the reference to Mr. Audi. I had no idea he had passed away, as I saw his picture and his name still listed as President on the Stickley-Audi website. Again, please accept my apologies. (I've now deleted the short article, which documented a supposed merger between Ikea and Stickley-Audi, as per Mr. Danial's request.)