beautiful Illinois bungalows slated for demolition
Berkeley Mills kitchens

historic homes in Redlands, California

David Estes, aka Flickr user Cyclotourist, lives in Redlands - a town of about 60,000 near San Bernardino in Southern California. Redlands is not particular noteworthy compared to some of its neighbors, but it does have several attractive neighborhoods chock-full of well-maintained historic homes, including Victorians, Mission Revival and Craftsman - and all sorts of variants, like Tudor, Georgian and Queen Anne - structures. Together with several contributors, Estes has put together a photo pool of close to 150 Redlands historic homes, spanning the full gamut of the area's most popular architectural styles. Unfortunately, the constant encroachment of commercial and industrial structures puts some of the prettiest small homes at risk. I'd be happy living in this one. Or maybe this one, with plenty of work. Just maybe not this one.