Pasadena Architectural Salvage
James Mattson Coppercraft

foreclosure heat maps from presents various types of housing maps, including those that cost out buying vs. renting over time in certain areas. One new feature of the site is a heatmap showing foreclosures, with most large cities nationwide represented. I didn't find any on my street, but there's a whole cluster - four at the same corner - just a block away, which leads me to be rather suspicious of the map - being that all four listings are for the same house. It's a neat tool, but take the data with a very large grain of salt.

Additionally, to get more detailed info, you need a free trial or paid subscription to RealtyTrac - at least you did for every property I looked at. Not sure if this is just a come-on for RealtyTrac or that was just a coincidence. Still, it's an interesting way to look at how some folks (and by folks I mean both brokers and buyers) greed and bad judgment is costing us all a hell of a lot of the equity we've built up over the last decade.