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beautiful Illinois bungalows slated for demolition

95harrison To make room for gardens and other landscaping around a neighborhood drug and alcohol treatment center, several historic properties in Charleston IL will be razed in upcoming weeks. The homes - 5, 15, 21 and 95 Harrison (see photograph by Ken Trevarthan) - are in various styles, 95 being a brick and stucco bungalow of a type common in this part of the state. The neighborhood is not part of a historic district, so the demolition permit has no reason not to proceed, according to local officials. Neighbors are unhappy that the homes are being torn down - especially the two best looking and most sturdy of the structures - instead of being moved or integrated into CEAD (the Central East Alcoholism and Drug Council) plans. Two neighbors noted that the house at 95 Harrison was the most significant (and furthest away from the planned development), and while they did not begrudge CEAD's decision to legally raze the properties, they did suggest that leaving the building intact would greatly increase the neighborhood's opinion of CEAD and this particular program.