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Japanese Effects for Small Gardens (1910)

Craftsman landscaping - bits & pieces

Arts & Crafts bungalows mix and match well with all sorts of landscaping - from the zen-like Asian-inspired landscapes of Greene & Greene to cactus gardens and even the manicured, symmetrical patterns of some of the English A&C-influenced landscape designers.

  • The San Francisco Chronicle takes a look at one particularly successful landscape makeover:

When it came to planting the bungalow garden, the most influential designer for Californians, as for the rest of America and England, was Englishwoman Gertrude Jekyll, whose best-selling book "Colour in the Flower Garden" reflected nearly 30 years of plant design. Astonishingly, her plant combinations are still widely used today with all styles of homes. What she excelled at was the natural-looking border built up typically with a discerning use of grays, silvers, pinks and whites accented with blues and a touch here and there of yellow or red. In her prolific career she used hundreds of different plants, commenting, "There are no bad plants, only plants badly placed."

  • This 1915 Craftsman home is ringed with appropriate trees and its entry is framed by a pretty pergola;
  • The Craftsman Perspective addresses landscaping, gives plant recommendations and some general gardening advice, tailored for the bungalow owner;
  • The newsletter of the Twin Cities Bungalow Club has a good article - including a few Q&A sessions - on what to plant and when to plant it in your bungalow garden.