How to Green Your Kitchen
Panama Pottery in Sacramento, CA

Craftsman Kitchen Remodels VI

Pretty pictures of pretty kitchens, and a disappointment too:

  • The Rowley kitchen remodel, including a nice combination of contemporary fixtures and materials in a decidedly classic Mission / Craftsman home - before & after;
  • a breautiful, refinished built-in in Vancouver; a view of the kitchen itself - modern and a good fit for the rest of the house;
  • an enormous pot-drawer and a very nice bit of custom cabinetry with a very warm, attractive finish on the wood;
  • I've never been a fan of the blindingly-white hospital style kitchen, but this is attractive, especially with the perfect hardware;
  • this Maryland / DC contractor shows off a few attractive kitchens, some of which mix contemporary appliances and lighting with some very pretty wood;
  • here's one that didn't quite work. Purportedly in an historic bungalow in a neighborhood of historic bungalows, the kitchen is certainly Victorian - anti-Arts & Crafts in every way - and mixes a very, very contemporary glass mosaic tile with faux-antique cabinetry that looks like it's been purposely grimed. Not sure what to make of that, but I hope it works with the rest of the house. It's a little scary.