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The Sun Valley Seasons: Greene & Greene-ish in Idaho

181042_500 The "Sun Valley Seasons" (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) are four luxurious 4,000+ sq ft single-family homes designed by Ruscitto / Latham / Blanton and built by Intermountain Construction on three lots in Sun Valley, Idaho. What makes them interesting is the level of detail - they were designed and built to resembled Greene & Greene homes, and the gabling, roofline, and much of the interior architectural woodwork is certainly in that vein.

I can't speak to the quality of the homes - I haven't visited them or seen construction pictures - and I sometimes feel a little odd looking at new construction that is so self-consciously "antiqued," in that it's made to look very similar to a particular designer's work in a particular era. However, you can see that at the very least the designers and builders certainly had a thing for the Greenes.

The people who staged the homes and did some of the finishing, though, included a few items that are completely incongruous in such a home - an ornate chandelier and other light fixtures, for instance, that owe more to Louis XIV than the Arts & Crafts movement; white beadboard in the kitchen; fake-paneled appliances, and a fountain that looks like something out of a Berkeley hippie commune. Overall, though, the level of detail is certainly impressive.