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Mission Hills Development in Northern California

Missionhillsrosenhouse "Mission Hills Development builds finer homes that are based on the Arts and Crafts movement from the early 1900's. Featured architects are Henry and Charles Greene of Pasadena, CA., circa 1900 to 1920."

These are indeed "finer" homes - finer, by far, than most of the new development I see, and at first glace at least look to be far better designed and constructed than even the chicest McMansion.

Sebastopol, CA - "the World in upheaval" is the site of Mission Hills Development's current project. Situated on 5 acres in a valley between rolling hills, this 6200 square foot house is part Gamble House and part Blacker House. Build with the same detail as these two famous Greene & Greene homes in Southern California, it encompasses five different hardwoods for its central hallways and grand rooms.