Craftsman Kitchen Remodels III
Arts & Crafts on Ebay: September 2007

September Craigslist finds, west coast-centric

It's interesting how some communities really embrace Craigslist and use it regularly, and some areas hardly touch it. I've noticed that many of the midwest and southern states use it rarely - mostly only for employment and rental advertising, while even small cities on both coasts have extremely active Craigslist communities. So, just in case you were wondering why I give short schrift to certain parts of the country in these monthly reports, that's your answer. Meanwhile, today's crop:

  • library desk with shelves, interesting detail, excellent condition: $950, San Ramon CA
  • sideboard with good grain and unique round mirror: $365, Hollywood CA
  • Limbert dresser, good condition & nice hardware: $900, San Jose CA
  • armchair with high spindle back & leather seat, signed Stickley: $450, Santa Ana CA
  • partner desk with shelves and "tug-of-war" drawers: $650, Santa Cruz CA
  • pedestal / plant stand, attractive grain: $275, Portland OR
  • rocker, leather seat & nice wide slat back: $250, Salinas CA
  • rocker, slat back, with velvet seat and back: $40, Tacoma WA
  • library table & side chair with some interesting details: $150 for both, Templeton CA
  • armoire with interesting detail, mirror on door: $1850, Spokane WA
  • settle & armchair, Stickley, matching upholstery: $2500, Northridge CA
  • dining table and four spindle-backed sidechairs: $500, Molalla OR
  • piano bench designed after a 1910 Stickley design, very attractive: $450, Estacada OR
  • cabinet doors or entry door sidelights with pretty stained glass: $275, Seattle WA