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"The Connection" - October 26-28 2007 on the Roycroft Campus

historic window workshop in Sacramento, CA

Sacramento's Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association and the Sacramento Bungalow Heritage Association are fighting a winning battle against cheap, unsightly and - in the long run - inefficient and environmentally damaging vinyl, aluminum and composite windows. Their solution? Fix your old wooden windows before switching over to something that seems like a good deal - but actually isn't.

This coming October 6 and 7, they're offering two workshops on the basic repair, maintenance, weatherization and repair of historic wood windows.

Volunteer instructors from the community will demonstrate how they worked on their own windows, preserved the character of their historic homes, and saved their pocketbooks!  Historic windows were made to be taken apart and repaired, and with basic guidance, anyone can make their windows work as they originally did - with ease of operation and weather tight – and beautiful!

We ran a short piece about these workshops and the woman behind them two years ago; again, much thanks to Janice Calpo not only for the heads-up, but more importantly for making Sacramentans aware of the benefits of our old homes' original windows!