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Stickley on Craigslist, August 2007

You know what I hate? People using terms like "Stickley-esque," "Stickley quality" or "Stickley-era" to describe furniture items on Craigslist, to try to get people searching specifically for Stickley items to see their listings. Of course, they also use "Limbert (maybe?)" and "Roycroft-ish" and other misleading terms. Why not simply call it what it is? If the piece is unsigned, just say "unsigned Arts & Crafts era antique rocker, Mission oak finish" - you still get all the search terms in there, lots of people will see it, and you'll sell your piece just as well without lying.

That said, after wading through two hundred misleading, incorrect or flat-out lying listings on Craigslist, here are some good deals on Stickley items, both antique and contemporary, all over the country:

  • contemporary Stickley entertainment center - $4000, Lakeport CA
  • similar item to above - $1200, Philadelphia PA
  • contemporary Stickley lamp & coffee tables - $500 / $600, Orange County CA
  • antique Stickley drop-front desk #729 - $2999, Santa Barbara CA
  • antique Stickley Bros. drop-front desk - $990, Pittsburgh PA
  • antique Stickley spindle-side/back loveseat or settle - $700, Brooklyn NY
  • two contemporary Stickley octagonal stained-glass lampshades - $125, Portland OR
  • contemporary Stickley "butterfly top" dining table - $1200, Portland OR
  • antique L & JG Stickley 4-drawer dresser - $800, Portland OR
  • contemporary Stickley bookcase etagere - $1000, Tucson AZ
  • contemporary Stickley buffet / glass-front china cabinet - $3500, Minneapolis MN
  • contemporary Stickley tile-topped endtable - $750, Minneapolis MN
  • contemporary Stickley coffee / cocktail table - $700, Minneapolis MN
  • contemporary Stickley Harvey Ellis-design rocker with inlay - $350, Asheville NC
  • antique red-label Stickley rocker - $450, Walden NY