Craigslist: Stickley, July 2007
Rich Baumhofer & Cindy Bechtel's Curtis Park firehouse, part II

site additions and changes

Hi there. I'm midway through a redesign of the site, and have been thinking of incorporating a forum - a simple bulletin board. Do you folks think that would be useful? Any comments on features I should have or that I don't need? Please let me know in the comments of anything you'd really like to see.

I tried to incorporate a house registry and calendar into the last version of Hewn & Hammered, but they weren't that well-thought-out and people didn't use them (and I hardly ever added events to the calendar). But people are always emailing me questions about remodel projects, or asking to identify a particular maker's mark, things like that - I thought maybe the forums would be useful. But I'm open to suggestions.