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Frank Lloyd Wright & the house beautiful

From June 28 through October 8, the Portland Museum of Art is presenting a new exhibit showcasing "Frank Lloyd Wright’s passion for creating a new way of life for Americans through architecture."

In particular, the exhibition focuses on his legendary skill in creating harmony between architectural structure and interior design while fulfilling the needs of a modern lifestyle. Featuring approximately 100 objects, the exhibition includes furniture, metalwork, textiles, drawings, and accessories from the collections of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and other public and private collections. Curated by Dr. Virginia T. Boyd, professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Frank Lloyd Wright and the House Beautiful conveys the methods through which Wright implemented the philosophy of the “house beautiful.” The exhibition explores how Wright sought to develop a modern interior reflective of a uniquely American spirit of democracy and individual freedom, illustrates his development in integrating the space with furnishings and architectural elements, and shows his experiments with bringing these ideas to the homes of average Americans.

Several podcasts and audio programs relating to the exhibit are also available: