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Russ Billington: Arts & Crafts mottos from England

Love_laughter_red_rose Russ Billington is an artist living and working in the village of Pimperne in Dorset, England. He's recently begun producing a line of hand-drawn and painted mottos, as nice as anything I've seen from the Roycrofters and other great graphic artists of the Arts & Crafts Movement. Each is on 100% cotton Arches, and in addition to his stock of standards, he will also adapt or customize any motto of your choice. Russ takes personalized projects as well; do drop him a line if you have something unique in mind.

Each piece is 8 x 12 on a sheet approximate 12 x 16 inches, and they start at US$125.

For enquiries in the US and Canada, contact David Ford at To contact Russ for a custom project, email