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if you live in Wisconsin, turn on the tube tonight

The always-dependable Douglas Anders notes on his Frank Lloyd Wright Newsblog that there will be two good FLW-related documentaries on Wisconsin Public Television this week, one tonight and one Wednesday:

Expo: Magic of the White City is on tonight at 8pm. I saw this documentary a few months ago and it’s not bad (despite the cheesey historical re-enactments). Some of the photographs and other images are jaw-dropping awesome — including some of the Japanese section (the Ho-o-den) that so influenced Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Buffalo will air Wednesday, March 21 at 7pm. this hour long documentary follows the friendship of Wright and Darwin Martin, and the buildings that they built in Buffalo. This is worth watching, but I thought that it was too short — an hour isn’t long enough to do justice to the three buildings Wright build for Martin (the brevity of the Larkin Building segment will make you weep). But it is still a good effort, and great introduction to this aspect of Wright’s life.