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"the bungalow is back" in Chico - it left?

Steve Brown has a nice article on the resurgence in popularity (as evidenced by house prices) of the classic Craftsman Bungalow in Chico CA, in their daily paper, the Chico Enterprise-Record.

The bungalow is back. Homes built in this style in California in the 1910s and 1920s are becoming as desirable to early 21st century homeowners as Victorian styles were to homeowners a generation ago.

The avenues neighborhood -- and most of early 20th century Chico -- is full of examples of craftsman bungalows. Kasey Merrill, president of the Chico Avenues Neighborhood Association, said they are "the essence of what gives Chico its character."

Three architecture aficionados talked about the value of bungalows and other older buildings Wednesday at a presentation sponsored by the association. Merrill said one of the goals of the association is to educate the public about subjects that relate to the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Lee Laney, who has had longtime interest in the arts and crafts movement that inspired the building of craftsman bungalows, general contractor Craig Almaguer and architect Paul Lieberum were the speakers.

Laney said craftsman bungalows are part of a movement with "strong philosophical and perhaps spiritual roots." The movement affected furniture, pottery, metal work and textiles as well as housing design. It stressed simplicity, harmony with nature and a hand-crafted look.