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Pasture Park, Bush OR

Sara Wiseman has a short article in the Salem, OR Statesman Journal on Bush's Pasture Park neighborhood, a pleasant area that is packed with beautiful '20s highwater bungalows.

When Jenni Green plugged in the hair dryer in the bathroom of her bungalow, the refrigerator used to blow a circuit.

The old-fashioned, single-pane windows add substantially to the charm of her 1920s home -- and to her heating bills.

And the small, detached garage at the back of the house definitely won't fit his-and-her Hummers.

Green, a writer who lives with pianist Randy Byrnes in Salem's Bush's Pasture Park neighborhood, wouldn't have it any other way.

Even as scads of new homes rise in every direction around Salem, Green believes there's just something about older homes that can't be duplicated.