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more details on the Style 1900 party in Asheville

Jennifer Strauss posts on the Style 1900 list about a special cocktail party at the Asheville conference. Should you be at the Grove Park Inn for this wonderful annual get-together, show and conference, please do stop by to say HI to the Style 1900 folks for us:

As many of you know, Style 1900 is throwing a cocktail party during the Grove Park Inn Conference to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.  The party is on Saturday, February 17, from 8-10pm, at Elaine's Piano Bar, 6th Floor, Vanderbilt Wing, at the Grove Park Inn.

Early birds to the party will receive a special canvas tote bag, with gift items generously donated by:

Bungalow Bob's Pet Designs • CJ Hurley Century Arts • Craftsman Auctions • Dard Hunter Studios • Door Pottery • Ephraim Faience Pottery • Fair Oak Workshops • Ford Craftsman Studios • Motawi Tileworks • Old California Lantern:  Flashlight • Penelope Cloutier • Roycroft Shops • Russ Billington Graphic Arts • Skidmutro Creative & Layout • Style 1900

Of special note is the contribution by Ephraim Faience Pottery. They are placing a custom wrapped chocolate bar in each gift bag.  Underneath one of the wrappers will be a golden ribbon. The person who gets the candy bar with the golden ribbon will win their Unity
Bridge Vase
, which is part of their 10th Anniversary Collection. Kevin from Ephraim will attend the reception and present the winner with the vase, which will be on display at the party.