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The Vagabond Traveler visits Berkeley

The Vagabond Traveler is a charming and entertaining tag-along on one person's trips through Europe and elsewhere - it might be less polished than a fancy travel-blog site, but it more than makes up in personality what it lacks in bells & whistles.

Welcome to Vagabond Traveler. This web site has come about as an organization of thoughts and experiences from traveling through Europe numerous times. The site started out as bits and pieces of information that was once kept on a little 486 linux box when I was an undergraduate in college. Over time, as my travels brought me back to Europe time and time again more information was added and the site expanded.

What brings it to Hewn & Hammered, however, is the Vagabond Traveler's interests in Arts & Crafts architecture and photography. Strolls through Berkeley, San Francisco and Oakland are documented with many photographs of some really striking Arts & Crafts and Tudor homes, including an early residence of Bernard Maybeck and that architect's stunning Temple of the Winds. Also well-covered is the UC Berkeley campus, which is full of some of the state's best examples of Beaux Arts, Italian Revival and similar turn-of-the-century Mediterranean styles. And should you wish to take an architectural tour of Berkeley, home hometown and one of my favorite places in the world, the author includes a helpful and extensive FAQ for visitors.