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Greene & Greene's Gamble House needs docents!

Vertikoff205062921 Our friend Bobbi Mapstone at Pasadena's Gamble House wrote to us yesterday regarding their need for additional docents. This is a great opportunity to share your love for Greene & Greene, learn more about the property and get to see it up close and personal yourself. If you have the spare time and live near Pasadena, please do consider contacting them at 626.793.3334.

What kept the doors of The Gamble House open for the last 40 years is no secret – the House is dependent upon the art, craft, goodwill, commitment and passion of many docents.

As the New Year approaches, the annual search for prospective docents is in full swing. We are looking for men and women to participate in our remarkable training class. It begins in February and by May newly trained docents are conducting House tours. In September the class resumes with more in-depth learning, and it ends in November with a splendid graduation dinner and celebration.

It takes 170 docents to keep the doors open and each year more than twenty new docents join the family. Like all communities it waxes and wanes, which requires the annual replenishment of participants. It’s a win-win situation. The House needs docents to fulfill its mission to educate the public on the exquisite art and craft of brother architects Charles and Henry Greene by offering tours, lectures and activities. Docents receive specialized training from craftsmen, artists, Greene family members, architects, experts, and other docents and they have the personal pleasure of guiding visitors through the House, creating their own script, contributing ideas, and being active members in The Gamble House community.

Docent training commences on Saturday, February 3, 2007 and continues for ten Saturdays. For additional information, or to express interest in becoming a Gamble House docent call 626 793-3334 and follow the prompts to Docent Council information. Phone calls will be answered promptly. More information on The Gamble House and its many activities is available on the website.