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an eco-home for the old-house set


The term "eco-house" usually conjures up images of concrete on hay bales in modernist or even brutalist forms, perhaps underground with grass on the roof and lots and lots of glass. Designer Stephen Beili doesn't agree that an environmentally-friendly, well-situated home needs to look like that, though; he's taken his love for the classic bungalow form and merged it with all the advantages of a contemporary green-built home.

This 1,400 square foot bungalow in Asheville NC, winner of a 2006 Griffin Award for  preservation - somewhat ironic, since this is a new and not rehabilitated structure - is, on the outside, a perfect wide-eaved Craftsman bungalow. On the inside, though, it is open, modern, bright and specially constructed using environmentally-friendly techniques and products to have as little impact on the environment as possible. It is also a bit different in scale, inside, than most homes that it might otherwise resemble: much of the house - counters, doorframes, stairways - have been built specifically to accomodate its owners 6' 8" stature.

The house was built by James Moody, president of Asheville's Ecobuilders, whose portfolio is a wonderful example of how the classic designs and motifs of the Arts & Crafts movement can be a perfect complement for a modern eco-house. via This Old House. photographs copyright Ecobuilders.