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McIntyre Tile Company


Slight hyperbole aside ("(t)he nation's premier source of high-quality hand-made ceramic tiles" - you can't fault them for being proud of their product!), Healdsburg's McIntyre Tile Company does make some of the prettiest A&C tile available anywhere. This should come as no surprise since Bob McIntyre, the founder and CEO of the firm, started his career at Heath Ceramics in Sausalito, where the worlds of art ceramics and mass-produced commercial-grade products intersected.

Their 250 glaze colors come in simple primary palettes as well as more specialized series, including a line modeled after the colors of California's own take on the Arts & Crafts movement. Their mosaic tiles come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, from 2" square all the way to 4" x 12" and 6" square sizes, one-cut corners, octagons and hexagons.