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Henry Greene's Gould House for Sale - reduced!

122786820_cd01a87007On October 15, the Los Angeles Times selected this property - which we wrote about several months ago (see below) - as their "home of the week," - see their nice article.

Bob Gould is selling the Henry Greene-built home that has been in his family since it was built for his grandparents in 1924. The property (note: the blueprints do not show the 1982 additions - an enlarged west upstairs bedroom with master bath and dressing room, an upstairs sitting room, and a bedroom/dressing room nook added to the east bedroom) - on the National Register of Historic Places since late 2006 - includes a conservation easement on the land, facade and interior. The land itself may not be subdivided. Bob is asking $2.95 million, and the official listing will begin on 4.15.06; an early offer prior to the listing, however, would lower the price to $2.85 million. The price has now been reduced to $2,450,000.

Below is Bob's description of the house; he's also included a number of photographs, which are all in their own Flickr album. The house is also featured in Randell Makinson's Greene & Greene: The Passion and The Legacy.

Built in 1924 by Henry Greene for Mabel and Thomas Gould, Jr., the house has been in the family for over 80 years. After my grandfather's death, my father and stepmother moved into the house in 1984 subsequent to some remodeling and additions on the second floor that were envisioned but not built in 1924. Randall Makinson was the architect for the remodeling.

Most of the house is original. The exceptions are the renovated kitchen, minor changes to the hall and one bedroom on the first floor and the dining room china cabinet, and addition of two bedrooms and a sitting room on the second floor.

The house was put on the National Register of Historic Places in December of 2006, and there is a conservation easement on the land, facade, and interior of the house to protect it for future generations. The land (about 1.7 acres) cannot be subdivided, but the easement allows for  normal uses and improvements (but not for additional homes). This is the only Henry Greene house on the National Register.

There is a 4 car garage with half bath built in 1984 which was designed to allow a second story guest house or maid's quarters. The main house is approximately 4,000 square feet in size, with 5 bedrooms and 4 baths, large living and dining room, two fireplaces with Batchelder tile, and a comfortable sunroom with a great window seat in the bay window.

The house is located in Ventura, California, which is fast becoming the destination for people escaping from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. Ventura has a great climate now for preservation and architecture.

The house will be listed on 4/15/06 for $2.95 million, but a quick offer prior to the listing would lower the price to $2.85 million.

You may email Bob Gould should you be interested in this very attractive property.