36 hours, courtesy of the New York Times
Flip this house? Not so fast.

Harrison Architects, Seattle: "Lyrical Sustainable Design"

"Lyrical Sustainable Design" is how Rob Harrison describes his firm, a Seattle-based architecture consultancy whose work is firmly rooted in the Arts & Crafts ethos. The term describes

...conserving energy and resources, using healthier materials and finishes, reducing long-term costs, and making poetic places. We work with consultants, contractors and suppliers who share our values. This results in a convivial, collaborative design and construction process.

Harrison has been in the business for more than 25 years, and worked as a draftsman for both Buckminster Fuller and Isamu Noguchi, as well as the great residential architect alfred DeVido. He was also a modelmaker for Cooper Eckstut Associates, the master planners of Battery Park City and other great New York projects. He's also a an experimental musician, and that willingness to play with form within the constraints of usability and usefulness really make his work both unique and at the same time very friendly and human-centered.

Take a look at their featured projects - there are some spectacularly striking designs here, from kitchens that maintain Craftsman look & feel while being modern and very useful today, to stained glass that blends a playful modernity with Charles Rennie Mackintosh motifs (which appear in other projects as well), wonderful exteriors and much more.