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and now, a short departure from our usual programming: Real Estate Bubble

The number one topic of conversation in emails to Hewn & Hammered is house prices - how divorced they've become from reality in the bubble markets, and how a corrupt real estate industry and regulatory agencies completely disconnected from actual consumer experience have fueled folks' unreasonable expectations of continued growth just to quick-sell mediocre property.

Here's a rundown of some great real estate weblogs devoted to bubble-related issues - there's lots of great data being aggregated by the folks who take time to track things like asking prices, sales prices and loan amounts, median income vs. home prices, bankruptcy clusters (in the few cases where personal bankruptcies are still even possible to declare) and more - much, much more.

I hope that the do-it-yourself cable networks stop lionizing flippers soon and start realizing what most of them are: greedy folks who will stop at nothing - not the destruction of homes and neighborhoods and the pricing-out of working people - to make a buck. They don't care if they are hurting the market in the long run, they just want their piece of the pie right now, and damn everyone else. I live in a neighborhood that has been hurt by flipping, and it's really sad - not only has the neighborhood been hurt overall, but you should see what most of these folks do to the guts of beautiful old Mission Revival bungalows!