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Don't Fence Me In

Charles & Hudson had a good post recently on residential fencing, and it got me thinking about all the great Craftsman style fences I've seen in the last few years - since I really started paying attention to this kind of thing, at least. Here are some pictures, fencing-related tutorials, custom designers and builders, vendors and other resources related to Arts & Crafts style fences, garden gates, arbors and other related features:

  • Charles Prowell Woodwork makes very pretty lattice-based modular fencing as well as garden and driveway gates. They do custom work, too, and have shops in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Boise and Baltimore. His site also has a good article by Diana Powers on Craftsman-style fencing and his company in particular; good reading for anyone trying to pick the right look for their own fencing and gate.
  • Aptos-based LMNO Arts is the team of Scott Lindberg and Cristie Thomas (and Ben, Assistance Puppy #10). Their product is wood and metal fine art for the yard - arbors, garden benches, fencing, trelliswork, rails, gates (also) and plenty more built for specific locations and specific uses. They've done work for clients all over the country, and in 2003 made a gate and columns for the Sunset Idea House. They also built a number of wood and metal features for the 2002 Idea House.
  • Peter Kitsch-Korff builds beautiful wooden pergolas, decks, fences and gates throughout the Los Angeles area. He has done quite a bit of work in the Craftsman style, but has also completed many projects with a sort of modernist Zen-like austerity. The Asian influence in his woodwork may be an offshoot of his hobby, building historically-accurate Japanese, Persian and Chinese suits of armor. He's not cheap, but his prices are fair for what you get, and he always builds to reflect the unique architecture of the house or other structure that his work is complementing.
  • A friend of mine bought replacement gates for his old, decrepit and generally falling-down Berkeley home from Cross Custom Works, who had a number of pre-made designs that worked out beautifully. Looks like they have plenty of different motifs available.
  • The DIY Network's voluminous website includes tutorials and articles on all sorts of fencing and gate-building projects, including this attractive and modern two-sided fence (part 1 and part 2); a backyard "pool fence," complete with arbor entry; how to measure and set fenceposts; a pretty wooden garden gate with an eye-catching copper panel inset; easy instructions on planning and building your own custom picket fence;  building a (relatively) simple privacy fence (a second article on the same subject is also available);  a half dozen different articles on constructing and installing various types of arbors, and lots more.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle had a good article last year on fencing, gates, curb appeal and how to fit a gate project with a particular house style; luckily, the article is still online.
  • On Flickr, our friend Merideth has a nice shot of her side fence, arbor, trellis and gate; our friend Tiffany, in Petrolia California - up in Humboldt County - has a shot of an interesting gate by master craftsman Dave Grant; Mandolux's shot of a simple fence at what looks like a Japanese monastery; Finnigh's HDR (high dynamic range) photograph of a stepped trellis-topped fence; Liquidskyarts' photograph of a set of brick-and-fieldstone columns in front of a very pretty bungalow; Montanaraven's succesful trellis and privacy fence ... I'm sure there's lots more, but that's a five-minute tour right there.