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New York Times: Far Rockaway Bungalows Under Siege

Obituary: Steven Ballew, Sacramento Preservationist

One of Sacramento's most voiciferous advocates of architectural conservation, Steven Ballew, has died at 63. Thank you, Steven, for helping keep Sacramento's urban neighborhoods beautiful. From the Sacramento Bee:

He was known throughout Sacramento as a committed preservationist. Whether fighting private citizens who wanted to build garages under historic bungalows or forcing Kentucky Fried Chicken to conform to local design guidelines when building a franchise on Alhambra Boulevard, no battle was too big or too small for Mr. Ballew's tireless passion.


The couple married in 1989 and rented a bungalow on 37th Street, which spawned an interest in bungalow history and architecture. Mr. Ballew cringed when he saw similar houses with inappropriate repairs and modifications.

He co-founded the Sacramento Bungalow Heritage Association, whose members gave lectures and organized field trips to teach people how to fix up their historic homes. That morphed into the Sacramento Preservation Round Table, an advocacy group that fights to preserve and restore historic buildings and neighborhoods.

Much of Mr. Ballew's passion for preservation was fueled by his appreciation of aesthetics, Susan Ballew said. His eye for order and perfection extended from his immaculate woodworking shop to the wooden shingles on the side of his home, whose corners he sanded individually so they would be slightly rounded.