Craftsman Restoration in San Diego
Bungalow Garden Revival

On Craigslist, Right Now

Bits and pieces of mostly Stickley furniture from both coasts and in between:

  • English Arts & Crafts dresser with interesting inlay, $850 (Berkeley CA)
  • Lifetime Furniture oak and glass china cabinet, $2500 (Berkeley CA)
  • Gustav Stickley rocker, $1500 (Berkeley CA)
  • Stickley upholstered settle in cherry, plus coffee table, $3750 (San Francisco CA)
  • Morris chair with red leather cushions, $1100 (Richmond CA)
  • Stickley Bros. high-back rocker, $900 (Los Angeles CA)
  • library table-styled coffee table, $800 (Los Angeles CA)
  • L & JG Stickley Handcraft armchair, $650 (Los Angeles CA)
  • contemporary Stickley coffee table, $599 (Los Angeles CA)
  • unknown maker round dining table, $800 (Pasadena CA)
  • contemporary Stickley #700 design bookcase, $1200 (Eagle Rock CA)
  • reproduction Gustav Stickley designs, various pieces (table and leaves, chair, coffee table), $4200 (Denver CO)
  • contemporary (and enormous) keyhole trestle Stickley dining table + 6 Harvey Ellis chairs, 2 w/ arms, $7000 (Hartford CT)
  • lot of old L & JG Stickley furniture catalogs and ephemera, $35 (Boston MA)
  • pretty high-grain server / sideboard, $250 (Boston MA)
  • unique writing desk with writing-top drawer, needs new finish, $125 (Minneapolis MN)
  • v. attractive Stickley paneled Prairie settle with red leather upholstery, $2450 (Westchester NY)