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Mission Settles

A quick survey of Mission and Prairie-styled settles:

  • Southern Joinery sells this model, pictured in tan fabric upholstery and walnut, for $2,850. They also have a nice range of spindle-sided tables and some interesting seating (check out the wide bench!) and case goods as well;
  • The Arts & Crafts Home carries a range of pieces, including a very comfortable-looking paneled settle, and several others, some slatted and some with spindles;
  • Ben Barclay Woodworking has an extremely attractive settle (scroll down to see it) that comes with any of several upholstery options for $2457 - $5043, depending on which you choose;
  • J. Austin Antiques in Amherst MA has this slat-backed settle - almost Shaker in its simplicity - for $575; it looks like a shortened version of the popular Limbert design;
  • you'd expect Warren Hile to make a beautiful settle; as with his other work, his is made from beautifully grained tank staves - white oak salvaged from wine casks - and looks sturdy as heck, for $8800 or $9800 depending on upholstery - Craftsman Home has a better picture of it here;
  • Swartzendruber Hardwood makes a very Frank Lloyd Wrightesque settle, with vertical and horizontal lines reminiscent of the Robie House, and it can be made with shelf arms and back - Oak Park Home & Hardware carries it, although no price is given;
  • One of my favorite furniture dealers, Rockridge Antiques / Rockridge Furniture in Oakland CA, carries a contemporary shelf-arm spindle-back settle for $3250;
  • El Dorado Woodworks has a terrific sectional settle ($14,192), as well as more orthodox varieties;
  • William Laberge has very nice settles and sofas (scroll down to see all of them), some paneled and some with spindle backs and arms;
  • horror of horrors! fifty years ago, the original owner of this Stickley / Quaint Furniture settle painted it a hideous pinkish red. It's big and in good shape, otherwise - although not a deal at $1895, given the amount of work it will take to strip and refinish;
  • Phil Taylor Antiques, in Ottumwa IA, has this paneled settle for $2450;
  • Richard Bissell made this high-grain slat-armed quartersawn oak settle for a client;
  • Randy of the eponymous Hardwood Floors by Randy built this attractive slat-back and -arm settle [ 1 / 2] with a nice wide rail all around;
  • Michael Wollowski built this beautiful spindle-arm and -back settle in 2002;
  • here are a few nice pictures of a slat-backed Limbert settle that recently sold;
  • Maren Dunn Antiques recently sold this simple slat-backed short settle, in oak and leather;
  • and of course, last but very definitely not least, we have one of Gustav's original settle designs, which was made of fumed oak; Stickley still makes a settle, not nothing like the original.

Know of others? Make one yourself? Send me a picture or URL!