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Frank Lloyd Wright archive to show in San Francisco

One of the world's largest private collections of Frank Lloyd Wright documents and objects will be on display at San Francisco's Charles Campbell Gallery from May 20 through June 24, 2006. The archive's owner, Bill Schmidt - a retired Bay Area art teacher - sold a portion of his collection to the Getty Museum in 1985, and the more than 30 remaining pieces will be the stars of this upcoming exhibit. Items to be shown include:

  • two Frank Lloyd Wright windows, one from the Darwin D. Martin House Complex in Buffalo, New York (1904) and one from the Walser House in Chicago (1903)
  • two black ink floral drawings by Frank Lloyd Wright (dated 1897)
  • a set of 13 building specification booklets, including New York's Guggenheim Museum
  • Taliesin Loggia Section Drawing, with comments in Wright's hand
  • photos taken by Wright
  • a Wright-designed 16" x 16" concrete block used in the exterior and interior of the Ennis House in Los Angeles (1923)
  • A pair of bathroom lamps from the Arizona Biltmore (1929)