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Duncan-Irwin House For Sale

Duncanirwin The Lippincott Group, a Prundential-affiliated realtor in Pasadena, has Greene & Greene's Duncan-Irwin House listed for sale. The Los Angeles Times has a nice article on the 7-bedroom, five-bath 6,400 square foot house and mentions that the asking price is $4.5 million; win the lottery and you, too, can own a piece of history. From the listing:

The Duncan Irwin House is named for its first two owners, and the original house was built in the 1800s and moved to the present site around 1901. Greene and Greene designed extensive additions and alterations to the original house in 1903 for Katherine Duncan and in 1906 for Theodore Irwin. The completed vision of Greene and Greene has created an organic house that seems to have grown up from the banks of the Arroyo Seco. Rustic vine-covered retaining walls and terraces of stone and clinker brick merge with the site and massive trees seem intertwined with the broad pergolas which extend from the house.

Located overlooking Brookside Park, the home is set in the neighborhood known as "Little Switzerland" with many other Greene and Greene designed neighboring homes. The house features a free-flowing floor plan with an inner courtyard which features a goldfish pond. Gorgeous wood, tile, brick, stained glass and original fixtures adorn the interiors.