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Craftsman Restoration in San Diego

The San Diego Union-Tribune recently ran this article - by architecture critic Ann Jarmusch - about a 10-year restoration project in Point Loma, recently finished. The article also touches on the history of the Point Loma neighborhood.

Stephanie and John Wylie, both history majors in college, wanted to live in an old house with character. It didn't need to be designed by an architect or be eligible for historic landmark status – but that's the kind of house they unwittingly bought in 1994.

Built into a slope in the La Playa area of Point Loma in 1924-25, the expansive, two-story house the Wylies purchased was slathered in new white stucco. Most of its Craftsman-style windows, originally divided into small panes with redwood mullions, had been replaced with plate glass. White paint concealed yards of what turned out to be redwood paneling, doors and woodwork in almost every room.

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