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Sleeping Beauty: Mission Renovation in Sacramento

The Sacramento Bee's Rachel Leibrock had the following article in the April 1 issue. This is a big deal in Sacramento; while many of the grand old walled Mission haciendas (well, only a few are actually walled) of Curtis Park, McKinley, the Fabulous Forties and Land Park are in terrific shape, quite a few are quietly deteriorating, waiting for the owners with the right mixture of historical sensitivity and do-it-yourself attitude to rescue them. The article also includes a number of photographs of Dolan & Sidwell's ongoing project.

Love is blind.

That's the lesson Judy Dolan and husband, Brad Sidwell, learned shortly after purchasing their 1927 Spanish Revival house.

The couple knew the Curtis Park house needed work, but just how much effort they'd eventually put into restoration was still a secret hidden deep within the home's ivy-choked exterior. (read the rest at Sacbee.com - article © The Sacramento Bee, 200)